Activities during retreat

During the retreat we complement the process with other shamanic medicines, these are used according to the needs of each patient.

Other Shamanic medicines

Kaxinawa Rapé

Rapé is the general name given to medicines that are grinned into fine powder and then blown into both nostrils. Most rapés are made with tobacco and other ingredients.

Rapé can help us to move the energy that is blocked or when we feel stuck during Ayahuasca ceremonies. The use of Rapé is considered by the indigenous peoples to be therapeutic on multiple levels.  On the mental level it is known for clearing the mind, as well as helping to find ones center.

We have been working  exclusively with rapé from the yawanawa and Kaxinawa (Huni Kuin) tribes that is prepared with lots of prayers, respect and lots of focused attention and intention to be a helpful medicine. This medicine is composed by sacred tobacco and the ashes of a tree known as tsunú, which is consider to be one of the most used trees as remedy for many ailments.

Ortiga Amazónica

It is special for the proper functioning of the circulatory system, kidneys, lungs, stomach, intestines. Restores good mood and have a mild calming effect on nervous people. 

The natives call it the acupuncture of the jungle, its spines stimulate points in the body where it produces the secretion of hormones.

It decreases the pain. Regulates the vegetative nervous system so it serves for chronic arthritis or osteoarthritis, and acute pain such as headache, backache, menstruation, fibromyalgia or pain caused by injuries, such as contractures or sprains.

It promotes circulation, so it can be effective in inflammations and varicose veins, improves wound healing and reduces muscle edema.

Herbal bath/ steam

Plant baths are used to clean people's energies, bad vibrations, to clear thinking we also use them to make a preparation for the ayahuasca ceremony, we use different types of plants depending on each case, some plants serve to harmonize , others to clean and to reduce nervousness and anxiety.


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